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Samode Tours

Samode a large town of Rajasthan which belonged to the landlords known as Zamindars of the principal thakurs of the state of Amber , situated 40 kms northwest from Jaipur. This small village is famous for Samode Palace, Samode Haveli and Samode Bagh having rich history of several hundred years and display a fusion of Mugal and Rajasthani art and architecture. Prithviraj Singh Ji, the Kachhawaha Rajputs, had awarded Samode to one of his twelve sons, Gopal Singhji, along with the hereditary title of Rawal Saheb. Nestled picturesquely amidst rugged hills, Samode Palace with its stately grandeur and frescoed walls is one of the most impressive small palaces in whole of Rajasthan. In the 19th century under Rawal did the castle begin to take on the lavish aspects. He reached distinction as the principal signatory of the historic 1818 treaty making Jaipur a protectorate of British East India Company. then Samode Palace was transformed in to an one of the country's premium palace hotel in 1987. It was showing a perfect example of Rajput, mughal architecture and built on small hillock and planned in a progression of courtyards of increasing height.


Major tourist attractions of Samode, Rajasthan


Samode Palace :

Samode Palace is located in samode town which is just in outskirts of Shekhawat built by the royal family. The Samode Palace displays the excellence of Rajasthani architecture with beautiful marble floorings, intricately ornamented pillars, mosaic walls with small inlaid stones, luxurious carpets and decorated old wall paintings. The painstakingly carved Sultan Mahal reflects an artists Zest for creativity and excellence. Durbaar Hall is painted with Ornate floral motifis and colored delicately with vegetable pigments carries a charm of its own. Samode Palace was transformed into one of the country's premium palace hotel in 1987.

Samode Bagh :

Samode Bagh is a typical Mughal style garden, built by Rawal Sheo Singhji in 16th Century. It is designed in traditional Rajasthani and Mughal Décor with the Victorian style and having all modern facilities. Visitors came here to enjoy rare moments in airy atmosphere, which is surrounded by rippling water fountains. The main attraction of the Samode Bagh is the accommodation which is provided in the tents. The central point of the Samode Bagh is meeting point, which is elegantly furnished Durbar tent. In the evening enjoy local folk music and dances in the magic of camp fire. Many entertainment activities available here include camel safaries.

Samode Haveli :

Samode Haveli is located in the town of Samode in Rajasthan. The Haveli was used by the royal families during the wedding ceremonies. Samode Haveli is the art and architecture masterpiece of Rajasthan. It has a unique ambiance of the historic juxtaposed against a contemporary setting. It has beautiful painted dining rooms and the elephant ramp which is constructed at the entrance which is worth visiting.


How to Reach Samode :

By Flight :

The nearest airport is located in the city of Jaipur, which is situated around 45 km from the Somode town. Jaipur airport is well connected with all major airports across India.

By Train :

Jaipur railway station is the nearest railway station from Samode. Which is well connected to Mumbai, Ajmer, Delhi.

By Road :

Buses are available from the city of Jaipur to the Samode town. The Samode town is well connected to many other parts of the Rajasthan through the government buses.

Climate of Samode :

Summer season : Average maximum and minimum temperatures of Samode is 45 º C and 26º C.

Winter season : Average maximum and minimum temperature of Samode is 30º C and 05º C.

Monsoon season : Average rainfall of Samode is 64 centimeters.

Best season to visit Samode : Between September to April